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Todd Bishop


About 10 years ago we had the privilege of being introduced to Joel Osteen. It was a small, intimate gathering of about 12 pastors/leaders. It was an incredible moment for Mary and me. We could never imagine in our wildest dreams how that one moment would catapult our destiny. We have come to respect Pastors Joel & Victoria so much - we have seen their love for God, people and pastors. It is infectious.

Someone once said, "You can be a big part of a small thing or you can be a small part of a big thing." So honored to cheer on Joel & Victoria. They are true champions.

What You Make Happen For Others, God Will Make Happen For You.

4 years ago I took my son, Malachi, with me to one of Pastor Joel's book signings on Long Island. I go every time, but this was the first time I took Malachi. He gave out 600+ invites to Church Unleashed. A great moment. After the signing we went into the back room with Pastor Joel. He was so gracious (as he always is). First thing he asks is, "How are you doing? How is the church?" Over the last 10 years of friendship I have learned that Pastor Joel is always concerned about YOU.

I mentioned, "I will see you at TBN tomorrow. Excited to see you and Joseph Prince. I would love to meet him one day." Pastor Joel says, "Remind me." Johnny (Joel's armor bearer) hands me his cell phone and says, "Put your number in there." I did.

I went to the TBN show in NYC - I was attending anyway - but I never thought that Pastor Joel would remember. He has so much on his plate. Johnny motioned to me and brought me to the green room to see Joel. Who then introduces me to Joseph Prince. What? Pinch me. Crazy moment.

Emotions rose as I stood there with my friend, Joel Osteen and new friend, Joseph Prince. I could not believe it. It still gets to me. Pastor Joel took time to make something happen for me. He did not have to. He wanted to. Wow! The doors that God has opened up for this little boy from Buffalo, New York blows my mind. "Oh, the places you'll go."

Humility Is The Key To Success.

People often ask me, "Todd, what makes Joel Osteen different?" I can honestly tell you that it is HUMILITY. Mary and I have never met anyone as humble as him. There is no greater quality that God can use. Scripture declares, "Humble yourselves before God ... he will lift you up" (James 4:10). God has used Pastors Joel & Victoria because they remain humble.

I pray that Mary and I remain humble as we continue to grow. God has opened up some incredible doors for us, but those doors can quickly close if pride swells up.

Honor Starts At The Top

I have never been part of something that bleeds as much honor as Lakewood Church. Every pastor, staff member, leader and volunteer serves with honor. They are kind, caring and committed to all people. It is an amazing thing to see. But that all starts at the top. Pastors Joel & Victoria live and lead with honor. There is not a person they don't try to honor. That's why Pastor Joel will spend 3 hours at a book signing to make sure he signs every persons book.

Honor always starts at the top. And then find a way to honor a local church pastor.

"Oh, The Places You Will Go."

Mary and I stand amazed. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever believe God could use us the way He is, open up the doors He has or have us cross paths with the people He has. It is all Him. We could not get where we are, do what we do or know who we know without JESUS. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us next.

I pray that I can "make happen for others" what "others have made happen for me."

Find someone to elevate! Take time to invest in someone with no hope of anything in return and I know God will open doors for your life that you could never imagine. Our family is living proof.


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