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Todd Bishop

Fab 5 from Leadership Unleashed

In my newest book, Leadership Unleashed, I share 52 leadership lessons that have helped shape, build, and form me as a leader. Not all of them are original, many I forgot where I learned it, and others have come from my personal growth. When you hear 52 lessons it can seem overwhelming, but someone asked me recently, "What are your favorite?" So, an almost impossible question, but let me give you me five favorite. I call them my Fab 5.

#1 - Every moment matters

I believe that every second is significant. As a leader, you recognize the importance of making the most of every opportunity. The older you get the more critical this gets because you recognize you are on the other side of time.

Leaders use their time wisely. Scripture declares, "Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days" (Ephesians 5:16). Paul was telling the church in Ephesus, 'Every moment matters.' If you really believe that you will use the minutes you have to create moments that matter.

#2 - Elevation requires separation

This is a tough one for most leaders to grab onto, because they fear losing people. That's not something I struggle with. The higher you climb the mountain of leadership the less likely others will climb with you. The air is thinner. The climb is harder. Some people just can't make the journey.

I learned this principle years ago. People will not be able to go with you if they will not grow with you. If you are going to become everything God has designed for you then you will have to understand not everyone will make the journey with you.

#3 - Don't play the victim card

Everyone can play the victim card. Now, I am not saying there are not true victims - there are. I am not talking about those who have been victimized. I am referencing those who make everything about them being hurt by everyone and everything. the Bible teaches that I am victor, not a victim. You see, life is more about what God wants to do through you than what has happened to you. God uses every pain to prepare you for your destiny.

"Everyone is against me." That can't be true. Not everyone has met you. Refuse to fall into the trap of being a victim. Rise above your difficulties. Embrace every opportunity. God made you for more than what you have been through.

#4 - Crisis exaggerates things

Every leader know that success covers up a lot of mistakes. I know this too well. Crisis makes things seem even worse, because crisis also exposes things. It shows weakness in your systems, or structure, or relationships. Everyone is good when everything is good. But when something goes bad most people think everything is bad. That's just not true.

What's the old political slogan: "Don't let a crisis go to waste." That's a poor philosophy of leadership because a leaders job is to reduce the crisis, or the pain, or the problem. That's why leaders can't ignore crisis, but they must learn how to manage it.

#5 - When people show you who they are believe them

This one hits me every single time. As a pastor, I want to see the good in every person, even when they hurt or betray me. But as a leader, I recognize when someone has repeated behaviors they are not revealing their failures, they are demonstrating their character. When people show you who they are believe them - don't believe your compassion or care - believe what they show you.

I wish I could say, as a leader, that I am never blindsided by people, but I am. To be honest, I have also revealed who I am by consistent behavior. That's why leaders must be careful how they live, act, and speak in front of other people.

I wish I could say that these are the top five, but they are some of my favorites and continual learnings.


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Alexandra Taveras
Alexandra Taveras
03 de mar. de 2023
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Love my Church so much!! Thank you to our lead Pastors and all Pastors, our Worship Team and staff

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