Leadership is all about relationship. I truly believe it will be hard to lead people that you do not have some kind of relationship with. Relationships are a crucial part of leadership development. Let me share some principles of relational leadership:

RELATIONSHIPS ARE MESSY - Relational Leadership is messy too. Relational leaders will create team unity, but also clean up team dysfunction.

RELATIONSHIPS TAKE TIME - Relational Leaders takes more time. Relational leaders believe that time with someone will make them a better leader and transfer DNA.

RELATIONSHIPS REQUIRE HARD WORK - Relational Leadership takes hard work. A relational leader will invest time, effort and resources to develop team chemistry and vision.

RELATIONSHIPS NEED DATE NIGHTS - Relational Leadership must be fun and creative. A relational leader will create opportunities for team building, fun & fresh perspectives. Relational leaders will do this often and repeatedly.

RELATIONSHIPS ARE DRIVEN BY TRUST - Relational Leadership only thrives in trust. Relational leadership can only exist with absolute trust in each other. Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.

RELATIONSHIPS MUST POSSESS FORGIVING PEOPLE - Relational Leadership must develop forgiveness. Relational leaders put their hearts out there, but will always extend generous forgiveness. Even to those that intentional hurt them or manipulate things.

RELATIONSHIPS NEED A COMMON MISSION - Relational leadership must provide a unified purpose! Relational leaders will gather people around a common objective. Every person is looking to belong to something greater. A relational leader rallies people to a mission!

The stronger your relationships the stronger your leadership becomes. Focus on building relationships - it will increase your capacity to reach your goals. When you have weak relational skills your leadership will be affected. For any leader to achieve their maximum potential they must be relational.


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