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Todd Bishop


If there is one thing people will struggle with in their lives is people trying to alter the vision that God has placed in his/her life. The truth is no one should be praying, working and fasting harder than you are for your life. And I believe that God will speak quicker and clearer to a person like that. When God speaks to you - don't let anyone distract you from your destiny.

Sadly, there are many religious people who believe their spiritual gift is to be the "devil's advocate." My question is, "Why would any Christian want to play devil's advocate?" We should be encouraging people toward their dreams - not discouraging them from it. People do not need to be beat down by well-meaning, but negative people either.

No matter what happens or what others say to you - if God spoke to you - STAY ON COURSE. Critical people seldom do anything significant. Those type of individuals are hyper-critical of everyone else - but live looser lives themselves.

Did you ever notice that critical people wrongly master three things?

  1. They always have a better way.

  2. They never know the right time.

  3. They know everyone's motives.

If someone does not compliment you - don't let them criticize you. There has to be a balance to our relationships. Too many people enjoy criticizing - so much so that they forgot how to lift and build up people. I will never allow a criticism to pierce my heart - that does not come through the door of friendship.

Don't let a critic become your prophet. Refuse the urge to just bend to the critics. Be who God destined you to be. Don't allow those with a critical spirit to become a spiritual voice in your heart and mind. Reject their negativity. Refuse to cave in to their negative, critical, super-psychotic version of spirituality.

Stay focused. If God has placed a dream in your heart stay on course. Keep your heart right and your dreams in front of you. Focus on what God has told you, not what others say. Yes, we should listen to wise counsel - but you get to decide who the authority is in your life. Don't abdicate that to people who simply want to discourage you.

I have had my share of criticism. Critical people don't discourage me - they actually motivate me to do better, work harder and trust God more. At the end of my life I will not be able to say, "God I know you told me to do this, but others said, 'Do something else.'" That will not fly. I refuse to allow critical people to take me of course!


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Regalado Z. Rizado Jr
Regalado Z. Rizado Jr
16 de jun. de 2021

Timely and inspiring message for me. Thanks!

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