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Todd Bishop

The WHY Behind The WHAT

Leaders often find people questioning WHAT they do all the time.

Leaders are setting a course that not everyone will understand, see the whole picture of or understand. But every leader has a WHY behind their WHAT.

Leaders have reasons bigger than one person or a group. They see the BIGGER picture of what is possible- that's what makes them a good leader.

So many people want to be the leaders, but they never put in the blood, sweat and tears that the leader has invested.

When Mary and I first started Church Unleashed (over 10 years ago), I used to write down all of the times that I prayed for the church. I stopped at 6,778 hours of prayer. THAT'S A LOT OF PRAYER- about 282 days praying for God to do something historic through our church. I have faced my fare share criticism from people- from why we don't have a cross on our stage, the songs we sing, the way I dress, to the lighting and smoke machine, even the way I preach. I could keep going, but my response is always the same. "When you have prayed 6,778 hours for God to give you a vision for this church, then you can tell us what to do." I don't get much argument after that.

Anyone who knows me well knows that there is always a WHY behind WHAT I do. There is a strategic thought that I am working through, a vision that I see or a goal that I am embracing. I seldom do anything by accident.

Few see the bigger picture.

I have discovered that most people view life through their own lens. Instead of seeing the good reasons behind why things are done a certain way- they discuss, create and negate the leaders effectiveness by questioning the WHAT instead of trying to see or understand the WHY.

Here's why- followers have a hard time seeing the big picture- that's why they are not the leader.

Leaders see generations ahead.

I have learned from some incredible leaders in my lifetime and all of the growing, passionate, incredible leaders that I watch change the world are seeing generations ahead.

They are looking beyond where they are to where they should or want to be. They don't just see the current generation, they are thinking about all the generations to follow.

Small minds attach big dreams.

No matter what you do in life, even in leadership and ministry, there will always be attacks and lateral energy. It's those who cannot see the larger picture that attack. They don't understand all of the details or reasons, so they belittle the dream or components of the dream. Leaders must understand that small minds will never embrace the big dream. They can't see the WHY behind the WHAT.

The reasons are bigger than the actions.

When a leader charts a course, they usually see what others cannot see. They have reasons for their decisions that they often cannot explain and sometimes they shouldn't have to explain them.

Leaders should be trusted- if you can't trust them, then maybe they shouldn't be your leader.

The majority of leaders have a reason for every decision. They are thinking through the larger possibilities and have reasons bigger than the actions.

I know that everyone has preferences. I have them too. But preferences are just that- preferred values. It doesn't make what I do wrong, or what someone else is thinking wrong. I remember hearing this thought several years ago, "What is right or wrong? Well, that depends on who is in charge."

So true.

If you are a leader, be ready for the attacks. They are constant, especially if you are making a difference. If you aren't a leader, support those God placed in those roles. They need the encouragement, not the criticism.


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