Over the years I have watched many people walk into opportunity and just as many walk out of it. Every person faces seasons of transition, but how can you recognize when someone is calling it quits? I know that people, especially leaders, feel like they can hide their feelings or emotions, however, there are signs that are highly visible. If you are wondering has someone "quit," check the signs. These apply to every area of your life!


One of the first things to go is how they talk about their job, marriage, kids and life. They are no longer cheering - they are just screaming. Check the lingo of those around you. Not just verbal - but non-verbal too.


I have also noticed that when people are leaving in their mind first their level of mediocrity rises. They do less. They come in late. They leave early. They do just enough to get by. This starts subtle, but becomes more visible.


The thing/business/ministry/job that they once loved is now something they are frustrated by. They start dreaming of other opportunities. You don't see their visible excitement for what they are currently doing.


A schedule reveals what you value. If you examine your calendar you will discover what is a priority for you. Look at your to-do lists they tell a big story. If you find an employee not managing their assignments and their assignments are managing them - they have a priority shift.


Focus is what allows you to see clearly, but it also gives you better judgement. If someone is considering leaving, quitting, resigning from anything you will know it because their focus is everywhere and nowhere.


This is the final visible stage. When a person is ready to leave or quit anything their effectiveness is minimized. They are already making plans in their mind so their actions are beginning to lag behind. They are no longer productive.

Have you ever quit? I have only quit a few things in my life. I worked at McDonalds for just 3 hours and then I quit. I am pretty much a creature of habit, but also loyal. It takes a lot for me to give up. In fact, now I would say the only thing that would cause me to quit anything is ... wait for it ... God. It's true. I am not motivated by circumstances or feelings. I am motivated by this: What does God want me to do? It seems cliche but its true. It drives every decision I make.

I want to challenge you to ask yourself, whenever you need to make a decision, or you feel like quitting, ask yourself, "What does God want me to do?"


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