I have a new leadership motto: "Screw 'Em." Yep, thats right! Sometimes you just have to scream, "SCREW 'EM!!!!" And over the last 16+ months I have had to shout that in my mind a million times.

Here's what I know, I cannot make everyone happy. Let me say that again, I cannot make everyone happy. That's a fact jack. I heard someone once say, "If you want to make everyone happy sell ice cream." I added, "And include some dairy free options." Leader, here's something that you need to hear that most people won't tell you. Sometimes you just have to do what God has called you to do and shout, "Screw 'em." Now, at first glance that sounds like poor leadership advice, but it is actually some of the most freeing advice I can give.

Now, understand, you say this to yourself, you don't actually say this to the person! I am sure somebody was just looking for permission to tell their co-worker, "Screw you." But notice, it's not "screw you" - it's "screw 'em." In other words, I am going to do what God called me to do no matter what.


Most people love to play it safe. But the greatest destiny is not tied to a dock in the bay, it is out in the deep. There will be times when you, as a leader, want to go somewhere and then the doubters rise. "Screw 'em." Go after that destiny that is doomed to fail without God's involvement. Get out there and do what God called you to do no matter what! I have had my share of haters and doubters, but I will never let them keep me from the call of God on our family. No way! Screw 'em.

You see, when I stand before the Lord I want to be able to declare, "I left it all on the field. I did everything you designed me for. I gave everything I have for you." You see, we won't be able to stand before the Lord with excuses - "Well, this person said this about me" or "That person wasn't happy with me, so I didn't do it." No, you are not going to be able to list every excuse you got!

I long for the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant." God is not going to say, "Well thought" or "Well believed." You see, if I listen to every critic or skeptic I will never do anything. At some point, I have to do what God called me to do and just say, "Screw 'em, I am doing what God called me to."

Get outside your comfort zone. Be brave. Do what God designed you for. And when the haters, doubters, and skeptics rise - just scream, "Screw 'em," and do what you wired to do in Jesus' name!!!


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