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Todd Bishop


Opportunity. A set of circumstances that makes things possible! The Bible declares, "Nothing is impossible with God" (Luke 1:37). I truly believe, He is the set of circumstances that makes things possible. We can't achieve our highest potential without His involvement. He opens the right doors and closes the wrong ones. God is the one who prepares you for your destiny before you even get there!

There are a lot of people out there who are strategic. They will plan their entire day, week, month and lifetime out. Strategies are good, but what happens when an opportunity conflicts with your strategy? I have learned to be opportunistic. Now, I lean toward being strategic. I can write mission statements, plan of actions, policies, and create strategies for growth. But I have learned to be more opportunistic. That means I simply wait until God "makes things possible.” Over time, I have seen God drop opportunity after opportunity in my lap. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the opportunities he presents to me! It is hard to believe, but He is beyond faithful. Have you ever tried to force open a door? In the past I have. The outcome is never good. I fail, falter and fall short. Here's my advice: Refuse to open a door that God has left locked! Other people may try and direct you, encourage you and speak direction over your life, (and we need people like that in our lives) but never at the expense of God's open doors. Be careful who you allow to speak into your future. <<< read that again! This is so important. Too many people are looking for others to validate their dreams instead of waiting for God to reveal His dreams! Don't allow people to sidetrack your dreams or derail your destiny. If God spoke it into your heart pursue it! But if the door is locked do not try and break in.

There are no shortcuts to God's design and destiny for your life.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when examining an opportunity:

  • Does it line up with God's Word?

  • Is it in alignment with my gifts, callings & talents?

  • Is my spouse/family in agreement?

  • Do I feel the peace of the Holy Spirit?

  • Did I make this happen or did God?

  • Does this push me closer to my full redemptive potential?

The Bible declares, "whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone--especially to those in the family of faith" (Galatians 6:10). Opportunity to advance is good but opportunities to help others advance is godly! Choose to use the opportunities, blessings and privileges that God has given to you to bless others.

Yes, have a strategy. Develop a game plan. But don't let your gameplay override God's game plan for your life. Proverbs 16:33 declares, "We may throw the dice, but the Lord determines how they fall." Ask the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and direct your life. It's something I do every single day!

Never forget, what you make happen for others God will make happen for you! In the words of Paul Blart, in Mall Cop 2, "Help someone today."

Now, go look for those God-sized opportunities!!!


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It is interesting that you have sent this today, for this very day, I have had 2 opportunities put before me. One is very strategically appealing and offers longevity and although similar to the other, it doesn't present much opportunity to help and bring up people, or allow me as much time to worship God as i desire, for these I have found to be my gifts that our almighty God has given me. The 2cd opportunity. Does allow me to utilize my gifts, and the time to truly worship God, volunteer, but does not offer the same guarantee of money or longevity. Both doors are clearly open, but most would say the choice is clear. God first. The 1…

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