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Todd Bishop


Let me hit this right away - there are victims. Yes, there are people who have gone through lies, abuse, neglect, mistreatment, and more. This is not about that. Those need to be addressed, but that's not the victim I am discussing.

There are leaders who always play the victim. "Everyone is out to get me" or "Everybody is against me " are the mantras of a leader's victim card. The reality is you cannot say 'everybody is against me' because everybody does not know you! A leader who uses the victim card is really using the manipulation card. They want everyone to feel sorry for them so you rally around them. That's just poor leadership.

People rarely rally around a victim card, but they do rally around a vision calling. It may seem hard to believe, but as people cry, 'I am a victim', that only lasts so long, but your vision lasts beyond your circumstances. Leaders who are constantly playing the victim card will leave a trail of victims. It is just a natural process.

How do you know if you are playing the victim card? Great question. The number one way, in my opinion, is to watch your words and behavior. You will always head in the direction of what you put on repeat. So, if your language is always "people don't like me" or "everyone is against me", then you are going to fall into the snare of playing the victim.

I grew up in poverty. I saw abuse in our home. I personally experienced verbal abuse. I was bullied in elementary school. I could play the victim in a heart beat. Screw that.

Yes, you read that! Screw the victim card. It aint worth playing. God did not make me a victim. Scripture declares, "No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us" (Romans 8:37). This verse, and many others, demonstrate you are not a victim, but a victor - despite all of "these things." The Apostle Paul who wrote this passage gives a huge list. In other words, no matter what you face, despite it all, overwhelming victory is yours. It belongs to you!

As a leader, it is vital to lead with a victor mentality. People are attracted to it, but they are also inspired by it. Victim mentality attracts too, but it attracts other "victims." When you lead with a victor attitude, you will attract other victors. Leaders who want to excel and grow will naturally want to be around you!

Our culture elevates those who have the biggest victim crew card, but leaders elevate those who lead with a victory mindset. Push the limits. Keep grinding. Don't let labels limit you. Lift your leadership out of the valley of victimhood onto the mountain of victory.

If I were to look into my past I could find a million excuses, but I choose not to focus on what happened to me, but what God has done through me. Real leadership is not a slogan, mantra, or statement. It is the ability to rise above the negativity and step into your destiny!!!

Now, get up and start climbing. Victory is before you!!!


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