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Todd Bishop


I am writing with the utmost urgency for us, as pastors, to pray! It is one thing to experience a pandemic over the last 19 months. And yes, I did. I lost my father earlier this year to COVID-19 - so I understand the danger of the disease. However, when politicians stand in church pulpits and ask congregants to "be my apostle" for a vaccine that should trouble our spirits! This past Sunday Governor Hochul of New York State said in a local church, "All of you, yes, I know you're vaccinated, you're the smart ones, but you know there's people out there who aren't listening to God and what God wants. You know who they are." This is divisive rhetoric and it was said in a church. Where, in my opinion, we should be non-political and non-divisive. Yet, Gov. Hochul chose to use the pulpit - designed to preach the Gospel of Jesus - for a different purpose. "You know who they are" sounds like a watch out for your neighbors! The Governor, medical experts, and politicians do not speak on behalf of God. The pastors of America do!

Gov. Hochul went on to say, "I need you to be my apostles. I need you to go out and talk about it and say, we owe this to each other." This should enrage any pastor or preacher of truth, because the church is called to be disciples/apostles of Jesus Christ. Sadly, I have seen little outrage over this speech by pastors. My heart breaks over the people who will follow a governor more than God! Friend, hear me today: WE ARE NOT OF THIS WORLD. And the moment that we begin to espouse the "call" of a politician to an earthly cause more than the true call of Jesus Christ to "go into all the world and preach the Gospel" is the moment the church in America has lost its way! Do not forget that this is the same governor that is pushing for unfettered abortions. Are you kidding me? Let's murder babies in the belly, but lecture the church on the morality of a vaccine. There is an agenda plaguing our nation and most fear saying anything. Now, I am not anti-vax or pro-vax - I just choose to believe that politics does not belong in the pulpits of America. Yes, let's have a conversation, but do not evoke the name of God with a call to be an apostle of the government! This is more than ridiculous! This is sacrilegious! My heart is broken. My spirit is grieved. Please pray and ask God for a move of His Spirit among our churches, our pastors, and the State of New York. The world needs TRUTH. My friend, Jesus is still the way, the truth, and the life. Do not fall into the trap of the world system! You are not a pastor of this world, you are a pastor of the Word. Paul told young Timothy, "Preach the Word." This weekend stand in your pulpits and give people The Word of God. When God called me into ministry He did not call me to 'preach the jab' - no, he called me into the ministry to PREACH JESUS!!! The world is looking for hope - the church has it. The world is looking for joy - the church has it! The world is looking for truth - the church has it! We have everything this world needs and it is found in the Word of God!!!


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