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Todd Bishop


One of the most important jobs of any leader is to inspire people towards something. It has to be more than "I lead - You follow." There has to be something worth their time, talents, gifts, and ultimately their life. One of my favorite Scriptures is found in John 12:19. It reads, "Look, how the whole world has gone after him {Jesus}." Pretty crazy to think that Jesus inspired such a following that it 'seemed' like every person was pursuing Him. To have that kind of impact can only take place through the anointing of inspiration.

What is the anointing of inspiration? It is the God-given ability to inspire people towards a divine purpose! Lots of people can inspire. When Oprah gives away products to her entire audience people get inspired. When Lebron James opens a school to be the answer to a problem that will inspire people. But I am talking about the ability to drive people toward an eternal mission & mindset - something that directly impacts someone's eternity. There are not a million people like that - I am working on it everyday because inspiration requires perspiration! I gotta work toward it!


If you want to inspire people you have to be laser focused with your life. You cannot be a jump here and jump there kind of person. You have to drill down deep into your calling. I know a lot of leaders who place their hand in everything. That's not me. I stay focused on my calling. Jesus modeled focus.


People follow courage more than creativity. People want to see that you can "put your money where your mouth is." They want to see the eye of the tiger in your spirit - someone who is not afraid not matter what the obstacles look like. Leaders who take calculated risks set themselves apart. Jesus modeled courage.


Here's one that seems "out of place" but understand too many leaders live so far in the future that they do not enjoy today. Enjoy every moment. Don't miss out on today's joys because of tomorrow's dreams. Stop. Enjoy every moment. Yes, keep your focus, but don't forget to enjoy the journey. Jesus modeled daily living.


Anyone can see the negative in everything. I know that I can. It is easy to find a negative focus, but those who have an anointing of inspiration see things from the positive side. They see the good in everything and everyone. This life has way too much negativity. We need more positive, Jesus loving people. Jesus modeled positivity.


There is no greater picture of humility than Jesus himself. He had all the power and authority of heaven, but He humbled himself as a servant. He served. He gave everything for His calling. Too many leaders complain about what they give up - but I choose to celebrate what I offer to God. It is not a sacrifice, it is an honor. Humble people are grateful for everything. Jesus modeled humility.

I am praying and believing that God will unleash a greater anointing on my life to inspire people toward an eternal mission. I want my life to count. I want to make a difference, not leave a dent. I want YOU to develop the anointing of inspiration.

Find your cause. Run toward it. Live focused. Take some risks. Enjoy every moment. See the good. Recognize everything is a gift from God. Now, go out and inspire some people!!!!


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