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Todd Bishop


Everyone wants momentum. To be honest, everyone needs momentum. John Maxwell said, "Momentum is not the result of one push.It is the result of many continual pushes over time." Yes, that is a fact.

Momentum makes you look smarter than you are.

Momentum makes you look better than you are.

Every organization, ministry, and business needs momentum to break growth barriers, expand influence, and increase revenue. Momentum is like rocket fuel in your leadership engine. It will take you places you could never go without it. I have personally been in seasons with strong momentum and others when there was no momentum. I treasure both seasons, but I prefer seasons of momentum.

There are three ways you can kill momentum.

First, do everything.

This is about focus. Too many organizations start to make things up so they stay busy and can say, "Look what I am doing." But when you do everything you become the master of nothing. No company or church can do everything. If they do, they will have busy-ness but not effectiveness. Find your focus. Stay in your lane.

Second, please everyone.

If you want to make everyone happy sell ice cream - and include a dairy free option. You will never make everyone happy. Someone once said, "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." That's 100 percent true. And to be honest, it is impossible to please everyone.

Third, hire anybody.

Be very careful who you bring on your team. This is not just for employees, but even volunteers (for my non-profits). Just because someone wants to join your team does not mean they should. Be very sloooooooooow to hire. Let me write that again. Be very slooooooooooow to hire. Check references. Confirm details. Ask a million questions. For volunteers, make sure they have your heart and vision for your organization.

One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals. - Michael Korda

Now, that I captured you with what kills momentum, let me give you some real quick keys to growing or keeping momentum:

  1. Think long-term. Don't play the short game. Momentum will not happen immediately. It is the repeated acts of doing the right thing. Momentum comes to the faithful and diligent. Be committed to the calling you have been given.

  2. Determine your goals. You will never achieve your dreams if you do not write them down. Only 1% of people write down their goals. That's why 99% of people feel like they are not moving toward their goals, because their goals are always moving.

  3. Be committed to growth. Some people talk like they desire to grow, but their actions are acceptance of their current reality. Momentum is about growth. And neither happen without action.

  4. Tackle your daily routine. Momentum is often found in doing the right thing overtime. Find a rhythm or schedule that works for you and remain disciplined to it. If you do the right thing with the right people the right way eventually the right things will happen.

  5. Lock in to accountability. You will need people to hold you accountable to the mission. My wife, Mary, is someone who holds me accountable. She's tough, but in a good way. I need the person who will confront me. Thankfully I have many people in my life who hold me accountable. Lock in to that. Your momentum goes up the more you are accountable.

Momentum creates momentum. As you told control of your life momentum will begin to move in your business, organization, or church. Here's what I believe: If you can get momentum in one area it will carry over into other areas. That's why momentum is so critically important. If you or your organization is stalled out you will need to get your momentum back. "While a good leader sustains momentum, a great leader increases it" (John Maxwell). Now, get out there and put into practice the quick keys of growing/keeping momentum.


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