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Todd Bishop


How you start your day will typically determine how your day goes! That's why it is so important to master the first 120 minutes or 2 hours of your day. Almost every study has concluded that the most successful individuals in leadership wake up between 5:00 am and 6:00 am. Oprah Winfrey revealed to Parade magazine that she would wake up at 6:00 am and be to the office by 6:30 am to set her agenda for the day. You see, it's not just waking up early, it's about waking up with purpose.

I typically wake up to start my day at about 5:30 am. I'll take a shower, get dressed, and then spend some time in prayer, reflection, Bible reading, and journaling. After all of that preday preparation I will eat breakfast. Then a few times a week I will take a walk. It's good exercise for the body and the mind. I'll come back and start my work day from home. I am not available until I complete my start-up regiment. It frustrates some people, but it helps me be better at what I do.

Let me give you some morning habits that will help you become more efficient and productive for your life of leadership. First, wake up at the same time everyday. Break out of the sleeping in habit multiple times a week. Get to bed early enough to stay consistent. This helps your body find a healthy rhythm.

Second, do what matters most first. Start your day doing the the most important things right away. For me ...

Third, avoid the unimportant and irrelevant. This is so tough, but limit your social media time. Argh, this is so tough. But social media is ...

Fourth, don't call or text people until after your 120 minutes. Trust me, while you are up prepping for your day, most of the people are ...

Fifth, incorporate some type of exercise. It does not have to be a lot, but something. For me, I do push ups everyday before I shower and I ...

Sixth, set your goals for the day. Whatever you want to accomplish to make today successful write them down. Then ...

Now, do these six things everyday for six weeks and you will begin to master the first 120 minutes of your day. Do that for the next six months and you will see the major growth in your

leadership and influence.



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Laureen Theus
Laureen Theus
Sep 13, 2022

Thank you . I am up most mornings at 5. I have gym at 6. So while I am up getting ready. I listen to my morning prayer and then I make my way to the gym. Even when I have work at 4. I get up at 3 and do the samw things. I do not communicate until I have listened to my morning prayers.


I admit, although I do have a morning routine, I do not follow it everyday. I am a person who likes structure, it's how God made me and perhaps all of us but we don't realize it right away. I appreciate your input and sharing this important info and although some may think this is tedious, it is actually very healthy for you. Not only physically but mentally and most important, spiritually!!! Thank you Pastor Todd and God bless you!!

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